'Hit Me Back!' Tameem Youness Accused of 'Marital Rape' by Ex-Wife Nada Adel

Published June 21st, 2021 - 07:21 GMT
Tameem Youness Marital Rape Nada Adel Egypt scandal harassment

Nada Adel, ex-wife of advertising director and Egyptian musician, Tameem Youness, has sparked a state of controversy on social media, after she revealed that she had been subjected to marital rape.

Nada Adel posted a video on Instagram, in which she said that she was avoiding this topic, but she received many requests to talk about forced conjugal sex.

Adel was sobbing while saying "I was personally raped."

She added: "I was in this situation, and it took me a year to be able to talk about the issue or confront the person, and one day I confronted him and he himself said sorry and told me to beat him, or do anything to feel better,"

"Although he said it, the law originally does not see it as an issue."

Nada also expressed her concern that "marital rape" is not considered a crime punishable by law in Egypt, and that there is no law to protect the wife from being subjected to spousal rape.

Adel demanded action to change the law, saying: "I have hope that if we open the issue and talk about it, we can change the law... It is difficult for me that I do not know how to complain."


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Nada Adel shared the heartbreaking video with her 22.6k followers on Instagram, and captioned it: "on marital rape - forced marital sex. part 1"

"i recorded several times to try and make the video more structured and less emotional but its hard. but i promise to make a more productive follow up video as soon as i can."

In return, artist Tameem Youness responded to his ex-wife's accusations, Nada Adel, through a video he posted on Instagram, denying everything she said.

Tameem said: "In response to the things that you hear now and are published in the press, I say to journalists this is not true, and it will never happen, and this is the first time I hear about something like this just like you, and my family hears this for the first time too,"

He continued: "I will not take any legal action except when there's a clear and explicit accusation charged against me, then I will act legally, and I will not do anything else, I will not repeat the mistakes that I make and people provoke me to fall into them .. Just that."


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