Taylor Swift Reveals Her Priorities Have Changed Regarding Tour Schedule

Published November 4th, 2019 - 07:07 GMT
Taylor's mother Andrea was initially diagnosed with cancer four years ago
Taylor's mother Andrea was initially diagnosed with cancer four years ago
Taylor Swift's attitude to touring has changed after "some pretty intense things" went on with her family.

The 'Lover' hitmaker insists her "priorities" have changed as she spoke about her evolving tour schedule, which she alluded was because of her mother's cancer diagnosis.

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She told Beats 1 radio: "Change happens not only in my career, but in my life. And I've got some pretty intense things happening with my family right now. I can't go on long tours and not have the ability to go home if I need to. I have priorities that aren't just touring now, and the fans have been really respectful of that in the past. This is where the rubber meets the road and I actually have to make decisions. Where there are question marks in my life and things that are really important to me and my family, I have to be able to have some breathing room in my touring schedule and I think they kind of understand that."

Taylor's mother Andrea was initially diagnosed with cancer four years ago but the singer - who penned the song 'Soon You'll Get Better' about the health scare - revealed earlier this year that she is suffering from a relapse.

Meanwhile, Taylor previously confessed she isn't "quite sure" what the plan is for her 'Lover' tour.

She said: "I'm not quite sure what we're doing with touring because with this album, I was so full-on planning this album release and directing the videos and putting all these different clues in these videos and trying to make this album release experience the most fun one for my fans, that I didn't want to plan what we're going to do in terms of live. I don't want to do the same thing every time because I don't want my life to feel like I'm on a treadmill."

And the 29-year-old singer says with her last album 'Reputation' that nobody would "really fully understand" it until they saw it live but it is different with 'Lover'.

She added: "With 'Reputation', I knew nobody would really fully understand this album until they saw it live, because I knew what I had planned for it live was going to make people understand what I had made on the record. But this album is different because people are seeming to get this album on a first-listen basis, which is so wonderful. I can't even tell you how much easier that is."

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