'Thanks for the Mother's Day Gift'! Hala Al-Turk LIES in Court and IMPRISONS Her Mum Mona Al-Saber for 1 Year

Published March 18th, 2021 - 06:14 GMT
Hala Al-Turk Mona Al-Saber court prison jail mother's day

Bahraini young singer Hala Al-Turk has testified in court against her own mother, Mona Al-Saber.

In a new development in the mother-daughter lawsuit, Mona Al-Saber revealed that the appeal verdict has been issued, which is one year of imprisonment.

Mona was sobbing when she shared the updates via an Instagram Live.

Al-Saber said: 'I wished for my daughter to stand with the truth, and I'd like to tell her thank you for the best gift she's ever given to me on Mother's Day. When you get married and have children, you will understand the value of a mother. Thank you so much Hala.'

Mona added: 'I appealed when the first ruling was issued, and now nothing has changed and the same ruling has been issued again, one year of imprisonment with implementation. The process will take time because we will present to court alternative rulings because I am a custodian of my son.'

She continued: "Originally, I did not expect Hala to come to court and testify against me. Of course you know who is the main reason, her father, grandmother, uncle and those around them.'

Mona Al-Saber concluded: 'I know that the verdict has come to Hala's knowledge by now. I did not expect that my daughter would ever testify against me, I still can't believe it. She would never know the amount of hurt she caused to me until she marries and have children of her own.'


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Mona Al-Saber also revealed that Hala has lied in court and said that she didn't know that her mother had taken money from her account. However, Mona confirmed that her daughter was fully aware of that.

The case began when Hala accused her mother of stealing 200,000 riyals (53,000 US dollars) during Hala's stay with her mother, before moving to live with her grandmother from her father's side.

As for Hala, she previously published a press statement saying that the issue is greater than theft and that she trusts the Bahraini judiciary to get her rights.

Hala's statements sparked public anger and attacks on her, to the point that celebrities attacked Hala for what she did to her mother. At that time Kuwaiti fashionista Dr. Khuloud, had sponsored school fees for Mona's son to support her.

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