The Voice recap: Tears, resignations and death threats in final round of battles

Published November 5th, 2012 - 07:27 GMT
Coaches and contestants get serious as competition on The Voice heats up
Coaches and contestants get serious as competition on The Voice heats up

As The Voice entered its third and final round of battles this weekend, coaches and contestants took the drama up a notch with tears, resignations and even death threats bringing the sing-offs to an explosive end.

Viewers were shocked to see the vocal battle of popular contestants Mohammad Khlaf and Yusra Mahnoush get nasty when Mohammed jokingly waved a hand across his neck to let his opponent know she was ‘dead’. But, the joke was on Mohammad as – after some deliberation - The Voice’s notoriously picky panelist Kathem Al Saher booted the cocky contestant out of the competition in favor of Yusra.

Egyptian beauty Sherine Abdel Wahab had a tough choice of her own to make this week in the battle of Reem and Alaa. Although both contestants had a lot riding on the competition, many suspected that Reem – who gave up a career in medicine to pursue dreams of stardom – would win out. But, in a devastating blow for the former medic, Sherine chose Alaa as her winner.

Whilst Reem might have quit her day job to make it as a singer, Saber Al Rubai jokingly threatened to quit his own job as judge to save him from making the difficult choice between Christian Abu Ani and Eyad Sufaer. In one of the most agonising selections of the evening, Saber eventually picked Eyad to join his final team.

Never one to be upstaged, Sherine took the attention away from Saber’s difficult decision by entertaining viewers with an impromptu opera performance. And, the superstar dished out her own share of decision-making drama later in the evening when she was forced to pick between vocal opponents Lea and Yusra. After being brought to tears at the idea of losing one of the pair, like her fellow coaches the feisty superstar had to adhere to the show’s ruthless rules and ended up choosing Yusra.

But, this week tears didn’t just come from the coaches. Popular contestant Bader was also reduced to tears when it was revealed that he would be singing George Wasouf’s song ‘Layo Nawayet’ against competitor Samer.

Although the battles might be over the competition is far from won. As viewers get ready to tune into the first live show this weekend, all eyes and ears will be on the coaches and their final teams. 


Who are you backing to win The Voice? Do you agree with the coaches final choices or did your favourite contestant get booted out in the battles? Share your comments with us below! 

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