Top movies to watch on Valentine's day

Published February 14th, 2023 - 02:40 GMT
valentines day movies
valentines day movies

ALBAWABA-It is the day of love and sharing a day with your loved one, you could go out and have a romantic dinner and a drink, then head back home to watch a romantic movie and we are here to help with exactly that. we have made a list of movies for you to watch on this day.

1.    Titanic 
The OG of romance and on valentine’s day you cannot go wrong with titanic.


2.    The notebook
One of the most influential romantic movies in the history of romantic movies. A touching story of everlasting love.

3.    La La land
Warning. This is a heartbreaking story but one worth journeying on. With Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling this academy award winner is definitely a movie worth watching 

4.    Fifty shades of grey 
On the other hand, fifty shades of grey could be a good movie to watch towards the end of the night.

5.    Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
It is weird seeing Jim Carry in such a very different light, however, in this sad drama, Jim Carry excels and shows us how strong love can be.

6.    When Harry met Sally
This wonderfully written movie is what Hollywood has been unsuccessfully trying to replicate all these years. A beautiful love story between friends.

7.    Casablanca 
For those of you who love black-and-white movies, Casablanca is one of those immortal love stories that no matter how many times we watch it, never gets old.

8.    Breakfast at tiffany's 
What is romance without Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at tiffany's? This 2 academy awards and 5 grammies winning movie is not a movie to skip

9.    Crazy Rich Asians
A contemporary love story about a woman meeting her boyfriend's parents and finding that he belongs to one of the richest families in Singapore

10.    Hitch 
Will Smith's classic while trying to teach men to be better versions of themselves we grow and learn that you only need to be yourself.

written by Munir Abumuhor


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