Troye Sivan Wants to be a Gay Icon to the LGBTIQ Community

Published August 19th, 2018 - 09:21 GMT
Troye first hit it big on YouTube in 2014 (Source: troyesivan / Instagram)
Troye first hit it big on YouTube in 2014 (Source: troyesivan / Instagram)

His star is on the rise.

And My My My! hit-maker Troye Sivan hopes his music will one day be 'immortalised' within the LGBTIQ community.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, the 23-year-old Australian-South African singer was full of ambition to be the next big gay icon, like Madonna or Cher.

'I stage dived so I felt like Madonna for a second': Singer Troye Sivan reveals he wants to be a gay icon adding that to have his music 'immortalised' like the legendary hit-maker

'If you make something that sticks with the community for a long time, if you get immortalised like that, for me that would be the best thing ever,' the Bloom singer said. 

He then added: 'I want to be remembered by the [gay] community in that way. If people are still listening to My My My! in gay clubs in 20 years I will be very, very happy.' 

Troye first hit it big on YouTube in 2014, before going on to strike it big with a recording deal, which has since launched his career in America.  

Performing at a Pride parade in Washington DC recently, the Youth hitmaker said that launching himself into the crowd made him feel like Madonna.   

'I stage dived so I did feel like Madonna for a second,' he said. 

Going from strength-to-strength, Troye will release his full album Bloom next week, with saw him collaborate with pop princess, Ariana Grande.

Dance to this! Troye has released a number of hits off the new album, with the 23-year-old's star on the rise after taking his music career to America 


In the interview, Troye said that while he had crossed paths with the songstress before, he wasn't sure if she would like the track, Dance To This.

He confessed that he was 'really nervous' adding that he packed on the 'self-deprecating' humour so there would be no pressure to like the song. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Troye said it has been a difficult journey into the limelight for him before he settled into life in Los Angeles.   

'Really nervous': The South African-born hitmaker collaborated with singer Ariana Grande (pictured) on the track Dance To This which is featured on the new album Bloom

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