Turns out, Ahlam isn't the only Arab Idol judge Ragheb Alama had beef with!

Published April 18th, 2016 - 12:25 GMT
Who would have thought that Ragheb had a problem with Hassan? (Bitajarod)
Who would have thought that Ragheb had a problem with Hassan? (Bitajarod)

They were buds on the reality talent show Arab Idol for two seasons, but maybe Emirati singer Ahlam (sorry, "Queen" Ahlam) isn't the only celebrity judge Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama had beef with on the show!

While Alama had a great relationship with Lebanese starlet Nancy Ajram (shocker), he said that "he didn't know anything about his colleague Egyptian producer Hassan el Shafei, nor has he heard any of musical work prior to working with him on Arab Idol." Ouch!

In response to this statement, Hassan told Egyptian TV host Wafaa Kilani that "this is the first time he's heard about Alama's comments," adding that the two are on good terms.

"Ragheb and I are on good terms, you can ask him if you wish, Wafaa, as this is the first time I hear anything of this sort. I'm quite surprised because it seems like he's gone into a lot of effort to criticise me.

"He clearly has a problem, but whatever makes him sleep at night," Hassan said.

But oh no, Hassan wasn't about to let it go that easily!

The handsome producer hit Alama where it hurts most by indirectly bringing up the singer's troubled relationship with Egyptian megastar Amr Diab.

"I'll go by what the great Amr Diab has taught me: as long as someone is criticising you, it means that you're doing something right."

Good thing Alama no longer sits on the judging panel of Arab Idol, eh? #AwkwardnessAverted

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