Arab Idol “Battle of the A’s” continues: Alama and Ahlam tear each other apart

Published May 12th, 2013 - 09:48 GMT
Ahlam lets Alama have it on Arab Idol
Ahlam lets Alama have it on Arab Idol

Tensions were at an all time high between judges Ragheb Alama and Ahlam this weekend on the latest Arab Idol episode as the "Battle of the A's" continued. What some have attributed to practiced banter to increase ratings has now turned into a seeming full-throttle blowout between the hot and heavy quarreling judges.

The argument that led Ahlam to storm off the set at the end of the previous episode continued with the “A’s” not even talking to each other this weekend and definitely not having their usual side convos. 

Discussions about their fight went viral over the past week with fans agreeing that things had gone too far. One website even published a “strongly worded” reply from Alama to Ahlam.

Apparently those “strong words” went deep into Ahlam’s feisty heart, and despite Alama’s attempts to make amends, the songstress totes blew him off and attempted to embarrass him throughout the show. She apologized to Syrian singer Asala Nassri for ignoring her on last week's episode by not mentioning her name as one of the great Syrian singers, even though it was Alama that forgot to mention her name. Alama just laughed it off. 

The more positive highlight from the MBC show this weekend was Rami Ayyash’s guest star performance that lit up the night, as well as the contestants themselves who did a stellar job. The only exception to the star-like performances was that of Iraqi competitor Muhannad Al Marsoumi whose song was less than brilliant.

Saudi contestant Faris Al Madani pulled through after a rough week at the hospital with a beautiful piece that actually brought tears to Ahlam’s eyes. The episode showed a small clip of Faris having to be rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe stomach pains, which may cause him to need surgery.

Will there be peace again on Arab Idol, or will this quarrel continue through the whole season? Please share with us your thoughts!

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