video: Neslihan physically assaults her husband

Published November 21st, 2022 - 11:11 GMT
video: Neslihan physically assaults her husband
 she found out that he had lied to her
Neslihan Atagül can be seen attacking her husband Kadir Doğulu

A new video surfaced all over social media that shows Turkish actress Neslihan Atagül physically attacks her husband Kadir Doğulu

The video, which was a scene from their series 'Ala Masharef Alleil' trended all over social media, and he suffered a strong setback with low viewing rates

The reason behind Neslihan attacking Kadir was she found out that he had lied to her when he dealt with her as if he was his brother Ahmed in the messages, as she previously warned her not to lie to her. 

Their joint series 'Ala Masharef Alleil' caused great controversy, as previously the couple could be seen sleeping in an open grave, and according to a Turkish journalist, the Turkish stars also practice such rituals in their real lives too due to following western religions.

Earlier, Kadir revealed that he practices these rituals, with unusual activities. 

Members of the religion the couple follow treat each other like brothers and sisters, and provide financial and moral support, and the men in the group refer to their fellow female members as 'sister'. 

The members of the group have have prayer tables in their houses with hats and clothes and their meetings last for hours, and no one can start talking on the table before the father of the group does, and no one can talk unless they get the father's approval. 

Each member of the group have their own nickname, Kadir however, had the same but with the development that he made in the recent period, he was raised to the rank of “Darwish” and those close to him called him Kadir al-Darwish.



By Alexandra Abumuhor

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