Watch: Tom Parker Hopes to be Cancer-Free By March From Terminal Brain Tumor

Published October 7th, 2021 - 03:51 GMT
Tom shares daughter Aurelia, two, and son Bodhi, 11 months, with wife Kelsey
Tom shares daughter Aurelia, two, and son Bodhi, 11 months, with wife Kelsey
The Wanted's Tom Parker is already making plans for baby number 3

Tom Parker is still determined to be cancer-free after being told by doctors it was the 'worst-case scenario.'

Parker was diagnosed with a stage four glioblastoma a year ago, and the 33-year-old has seen reductions in his tumour through treatment and is aiming to beat it entirely.

“Now, we’re aiming to be cancer free by March. That’s the aim. This disease is always there. You might have residual cells but just not active. So, we’ll just carry on, just crack on and see where we get to.” Parker said.

Tom and his wife Kelsey have vowed to 'keep positive' after being told the tumour has shrunk following the gruelling treatment.

Tom recently opened up to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby from 'This Morning' about his journey battling this rare cancer battle and said that he is hoping to raise awareness for others who are living with brain tumour in a Channel 4 documentary.

During the interview, the singer and his wife were asked to explain the reason behind opening up to the devastating battle they are facing.

Kelsey explained: 'I think for us, and for Tom, he needed the support from people. 

'But also, just to raise awareness because when we were in the situation and we got hit with the diagnosis it was like 'wow, what can we do? What are the steps? How can we move forward with this?' and it was just radio and chemo and that's it… brain tumours get 1% of funding and that's it.'

Parker later shared the story of how they first found out about the diagnoses, ''I remember coming around and I had a big mark on my head here [pointing to forehead] and I didn't know where it was from…'

Kelsey added: 'We think he had a seizure before that but I wasn't there so we don't know. But I thought Tom was suffering from anxiety and depression and we were expecting a new baby, so [I wondered] was it the pressure of having a new baby? 

'But Tom was really good because every time he had a sign or a symptom he took himself off to the hospital.'

Tom admitted: 'It's been pretty full on. Chemo was very very tough and Radio is probably the hardest part.'

Tom shares daughter Aurelia, two, and son Bodhi, 11 months, with wife Kelsey, and the family’s world was turned upside down when his cancer was discovered during the coronavirus pandemic.

By the end of the interview, Tom revealed they are hoping for baby number 3, “We are thinking of having another one – but don’t tell anyone,” he joked.

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