Welcome back, Ahmed! Helmy returns home to Egypt following US cancer ordeal

Published November 25th, 2014 - 10:00 GMT
Helmy is back home and recovering well in Egypt. (Image: Facebook)
Helmy is back home and recovering well in Egypt. (Image: Facebook)

This must be one of the happiest news stories we've reported on this week: Ahmed Helmy is back in Egypt and, thankfully, he's recovering well.

But the comedian didn't make any comments on social media upon his return; instead, he posted an emotional video summarising his journey with cancer, which brought tears to his fans' eyes.

The video talks about the pain and obstacles one faces in life and how they can overcome them. It also talks about how we must push ourselves and work hard towards achieving our dreams. The video challenges people to live their dreams and get to know themselves better. It says how we shouldn't go through life as victims and how we can do things even if people don't believe in us, no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets.

Helmy had jetted off to the US several months ago after discovering a lump on his back. Doctors then discovered that the lump is in fact a cancerous tumor, which Helmy had successfully removed in a hospital in America.

The Egyptian actor's illness was only made public following Ahmed's surgery. Before that, rumors were flying that him and his then pregnant wife, Mona Zaki, had flown out there to grant their unborn baby a US citizenship.

This, of course, was untrue, as Mona was adamant not to leave her husband's side during that difficult time. She was due in a week's time and gave birth to their baby "Saleem" while Helmy was receiving his medical treatment.

In other news, Mona made her first public appearance in Egypt as she attended Asala Nasri's brother Ayham's funeral this week. Ayham died of a sudden heart attack in his home in Egypt.

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