Who knew Nadine Njeim was such a nice girl

Published February 23rd, 2015 - 05:21 GMT

Lebanese star Nadine Njeim held an interview with Al Jaras weekly magazine and gave the inside scoop about her personal and professional life.

Have you ever eyed Nadine and thought, "Dang, she looks like Hollywood star Julia Roberts!"?

Well, apparently she doesn't see the connection. During the interview, she said she wouldn't compare herself to the "Pretty Woman" star.

Having worked with both talented actors Yousif Al Khal and Abed Fahed in the hit drama "Law" (If), Nadine played nice girl and wouldn't give the dish on which star she preferred. She's friends with everyone in the ent world, and they've got no bones to pick with her either. She doesn't even consider Myriam Fares competition. She complimented the Lebanese singer in her "Itiham" (Accusation) role, and said she was very appealing.

Come on, Nadine, give us something!

She did share that she was not impressed with the role offered her in the drama "Al Ikhwah" (The Brothers), so Nadine Al Rasi took that character instead.

In her personal life, Nadine is straight laced too. The former Miss Lebanon said that she prefers a woman to be a virgin when she gets married and plans on raising her daughter on this virtue. She added that although she is a Christian, her mother is a Muslim of Tunisian origin.

Who knew it would be practically impossible to get some smut out of such a big celeb.


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