Will 12-year-old Hala al Turk end up like troubled former child star Lindsay Lohan?

Published March 17th, 2015 - 08:32 GMT
Is it appropriate for a child to post such pictures? (Image: Instagram)
Is it appropriate for a child to post such pictures? (Image: Instagram)

Spending your childhood as a celebrity like Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus can end up robbing you from your innocence and even turn you into a little monster as an adult! 

Twelve-year-old Bahraini singer Hala al Turk seems to be going down the child-gone-wild route judging by her latest social media posts. The actress has caused fans to seriously worry about her this week, not only for acting much older than her years, but for the close relationship she bears with her step-mother, Moroccan singer Dounia Batma!

Isn't it better to have a strong bond with your dad's wife than to be a Cinderella?

With that being said, it's quite disturbing how Hala could be close to Dounia, after she verbally bashed her mother by calling her a "liar, back-stabber and a two-faced woman."

The tiny celeb posted a series of intimate pix with Dounia, which many thought were insulting to her biological mother. Some feel that Hala should be paying more attention to her real mama and posting pictures with her as well.

But that wasn't the only thing bothering Hala's fans! She was also criticised for dressing inappropriately for her age. The young diva shared snapshots in heavy makeup and dressed in clothes unsuitable for a child - she's not even a teenager yet for heaven's sake.

Social media users warned Hala that such photos could be "bad for your future," while others worried that she would turn into a second Haifa Wehbe - would that be so bad?

Our advice for Hala? Whatever you do, keep your parents in-the-know!

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