Will Jimmy Carr Get a Hair Transplant?

Published March 23rd, 2019 - 06:34 GMT
1.2 million copies of Jimmy Carr's DVDs have been sold worldwide. (AFP/ File)
1.2 million copies of Jimmy Carr's DVDs have been sold worldwide. (AFP/ File)

Jimmy Carr is considering having a hair transplant.

The 46-year-old TV comic wants to have the procedure so he can boast a "proper Elvis quiff" and he is more than happy to play around with his appearance because he think it is part of showbusiness.

Being interviewed on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', he said: "We were talking about hair transplants. I want a proper Elvis quiff. I want to go big. Go big or go home. I'm going to have it down to there (he points to the bottom of his forehead). It's showbusiness baby, let's enjoy ourselves."

The '8 Out of 10 Cats' host started to become interested in hair transplants after he had his teeth replaced with veneers and was very happy with the results of his new beaming white smile.

He said: "I went with white teeth. I wanted it to look like someone's opened a fridge. Nice. I got them all done in one day as well, I got them all done in one session. You're kind of woozy, but you don't feel any pain, and eight hours later they've knocked out your teeth and put in new ones. They chiselled away everything they needed to chisel away. A bit of discomfort but no pain."

The stand-up comedian also admitted he "actively encourages" heckling at his live shows because he likes his audience to have fun and interact with him.

Jimmy said: "The idea of you go out to buy a ticket to a show and you go 'we're going to have a laugh,' the people that go out with that intention, they heckle with the right intentions. They're trying to make it a better evening and to join in.

It's a very weirdly safe space, comedy gigs, they can shout out anything they want and I'll have a crack back."
'The Jonathan Ross Show' airs on Saturday night (23.03.19) at 10pm on ITV.

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