X Factor Arabia: bootcamp begins

Published March 9th, 2013 - 01:56 GMT
X Factor Arabia hopefuls have to knuckle down to some real work.
X Factor Arabia hopefuls have to knuckle down to some real work.
After the drama of the auditions rounds, fans of X Factor Arabia were hoping that the wannabes would settle down for some real work but if Thursday's show was anything to go by, the tears and tantrums are far from over.
This week the hopefuls were divided and judges were given their groups to mentor. Female auditioners were left hearttbroken after the presenters announced that Lebanese heartthrob, Wael Kfoury, would be given the young men to look after.
Carole Samaha, the classy lady of the judging panel, was given the groups, while UAE songster, Hussein al Jasmi, took on the over 25s category. But the drama really began when it was announced that sexy songstress, Elissa, would be given the young women.
One of her contestants was the now notorious, Habeeba. In the first rounds, the Moroccan hopeful stirred up trouble by claiming she was better than Lebanese judge, Elissa. Then as soon as she had to sing in the 'bootcamp' second stage she was back to causing drama, trying to sing the same song as one of the other contestants. 
Unsurprisingly, Habeeba got her own way, claiming she decided to sing the track before fellow wannabe, Asma, had to chance to get a word in. Elissa stayed out of the drama by getting her hopefuls to sing in a glass room away from their mentor, she then dismissed them via her laptop! 
On Friday's show, the second stage of the bootcamp, mentors had to choose at least one contestant to go home. For Lebanese 'King of Romance', Wael Kfoury, the choice of who would stay was tougher than deciding who to kick out.
The star got his young men to choose one of his songs but found many of the youngsters forgot the lyrics or couldn't sing in his dialect. Not willing to blame himself, the songster flew off the handle at his hopefuls and changed the task to singing whichever record they wanted. 
So with the bootcamp over, the contestants will be moving in to their mentors' homes. Elissa's team will move in with her in Istanbul, while Wael's hopefuls will be bunking up in Al Biqa'a in Lebanon. For Carole's team it's a short hop to her pad in Egypt, while Hussein al Jasmi's wannabes will be crashing at his place in Dubai.

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