Is Yasmine Sabri a Georgina wanna be?

Published January 31st, 2023 - 12:12 GMT
Is Yasmine Sabri a Georgina wanna be?
fans claimed Sabri is imitating Rodriguez

ALBAWABA - Social media has reasons to believe that Yasmine Sabri is imitating Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, from style, pictures, and even birthdays. 

Social media users are claiming Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabri stole Georgina Rodriguez' birthday, as Sabri turned 35 on Jan. 21, but decided to celebrate it on Instagram 5 days after. 

Sabri took to her Twitter account to share pictures of herself blowing the birthday candles on her cake, stating that this is her 5th celebration for turning 35-years-old. 

And during the same timing, Georgina Rodriguez shared on her Instagram account pictures of her and her loved ones as she turned 29-years-old. 

Rodriguez celebrated her birthday at Lavash restaurant in Riyadh, and shared the pictures to her social media page just hours before the Egyptian star shared hers. 

Followers wondered if Sabri and Rodriguez's post timing was just a coincidence or was the Egyptian star 'jealous' as some social media users called it. 

This is not the first time fans claimed Sabri is imitating Rodriguez, as previously Sabri shared with her followers a picture of her at Riyadh Wonderland, where days before, Rodriguez shared the same pose for the camera, in the same location. 




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