Yousra is a bride to be this Ramadan

Published May 1st, 2012 - 12:46 GMT
Yousra vamps it up for TV
Yousra vamps it up for TV

Egyptian diva Yousra is set to make a glittering appearance this Ramadan in a heavy-duty, loud wedding dress. Not for her own wedding, we're told. The sexy silver dress, heavily adorned in sparkle, takes the focus of a TV drama.

Designed by the famous Hani Al Beheiri, this wedding day image is in honor of the TV series “Sharbat Loz”(Celebratory Sweet Almond Flavored Drink).

Yousra plays the role of a girl named 'Sharbat' (Egyptian Sweet Drink).  She works in the studio of a renowned designer. The chic disigner falls for her, and decides to marry her.  Naturally, the wedding dress is left in his talented hands, as he goes to town on designing her special dress, a stunning show-piece number!

Other tidbits about the show

In “Sharbat Loz”, Yusra is less a youthful bride, than a deserving one. She has waited til her 40s before agreeing to marry, due to her own sacrifice for her younger siblings. She chose to take care of her little brothers, refusing to abandon them by marrying.

The series stars the following names: Raja’a Al Jeddawi, Samir Ghanem, Aida Riyadh, Tamer Hagras and Saba Mubarak. The script is written by Tamer Habib with Khalid Marei directing.


Watch this space for more! What do you think of the dress? Is it to your liking and taste as far as marital gowns go?


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