Yusra a young child at heart

Published October 13th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Yusra has been witnessing ongoing success for her achievements in the acting world, whether on the big screen or on television. The actress has won many awards for her roles in different works, proving herself to be on top of some of the most prominent actors in the Arab world. 


According to London based Elaph, in a personal interview held with Yusra, she expressed that she can relate herself with the young generation of actors and directors very easily, due to the fact that despite her age she is a young child at heart. The actress revealed that she finds working with the younger generation to be a very challenging experience that calls for her to be daring and makes her forget that an age gap exists.  


Yusra stressed that she is not afraid to express a woman’s feelings and needs on the screen, and who is not pressured by the restrictions placed by the community. For this reason, she finds working with Egyptian controversial director Enas Al Deghaidi to be very interesting and has in fact acted in four different films directed by Enas. Yusra noted that she considers Enas as the sister she never has and cherishes her relationship with her saying it is based on trust and love.  


The Marrakech Film Festival administration committee in Morocco has presented Egyptian renowned actress Yusra with an honorary award for her ongoing contributions to the Arab cinema. The committee also regarded Yusra as the symbol for the liberated Arab woman in the sense that throughout her career she has gained so much popularity with her cinematic and television works attracting the largest number of viewers.  


The committee had previously announced that it will present Yusra with an Honorary Award during the launching of the festival, which took place Friday October 3, 2003. It was revealed that the actress was presented the award alongside French actor Alan Dillon, Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, and American international director Oliver Stone.  


An official at the festival revealed that the event in which Yusra was awarded included the screening of a number of her most popular films. It was added that Yusra's award represents her success as an actress and the importance of the Egyptian cinema, which has proven to be a leader in film production throughout the world.  


On a different note, the first music album for the Egyptian prominent actress Yusra had proven a lot of success among listeners especially children, whom were the main target Yusra was focusing on throughout the album. The actress revealed that due to the success she achieved she is currently working on releasing a second album and is hopeful it too will reach people’s hearts. Yusra admits that she does not consider herself to be a professional singer, but rather she sees herself as a performer. The actress also revealed that her upcoming album is scheduled to be released next summer.  


Yusra has lately become one of the hottest actresses wanted for numerous advertising commercials by different internationally known companies. The actress has witnessed so much popularity throughout her acting career that companies feel she is the best candidate for their commercials.  


The actress has recently signed a contract with the American Network Company Showtime to be the star of their advertising campaign in the Arab world. Yusra has already completed a number of TV commercials that are being advertised on Showtime’s Arabic channels and intends on appearing in more. –Albawaba.com  


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