Zeina Makki: I Was Bullied Because of Scoliosis.. And Declares: 'Love Is Stronger Than Religion Differences'

Published March 28th, 2021 - 07:33 GMT
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Lebanese actress Zeina Makki talked about the difficulties she faced due to being diagnosed with the genetic disease, Scoliosis.

In an interview with Rabaa Al-Zayyat in her talk show Shu El Essa (What's The Story), Makki explained what did the curvature of the spine do to her and the possible dangerous side effects it could cause if she didn't have an urgent treatment.

Makki said that she discovered her infection at the age of 12 when her mother noticed a large protrusion in the lower back muscle, thinking that it was cancer.

But later doctors diagnosed Zeina with Scoliosis and if she didn't receive and immediate treatment, the genetic disease could harm other organs in her body such as the heart.

Zeina revealed that at first she decided to wear the plastic brace as a treatment, but doctors advised her that she will need 5 years to solve the problem.

She added that she couldn't tolerate wearing it, as she used to call it "the prison", so she decided to undergo the surgery at the age of 14.

Zeina Makki revealed that she was exposed to bullying in college in Lebanon, as students used to call her "the stiff" due to lack of flexibilty in her movement.

She added that she used to get hurt from the inside but without displaying it because she was very confident of herself.

Zeina Makki also talked about the association she founded under the name "Crooked and Not Broken" for people with the same health condition, stressing that its goal is more moral than material, but the association was unable to be active due to the Coronavirus pandemic in Lebanon.

Speaking of love, Zeina emphasized that the presence of love can reduce the burden of disease, explaining that because of love, she made a decision that was unlikely for her, which was getting married.

Makki said that love is stronger than religious differences because she's Muslim and her husband is Christian, and she admired the idea to celebrate all holidays, wishing raise her children to respect other cultures, as well as awareness and openness to all religions.

The last appearance of artist Zeina Makki was through the romantic series Dantelle, which was shown outside Ramadan 2020 season due to the Coronavirus pandemic, embodying the character of "Nadine", alongside a group of Arab stars.

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