Eton Institute launches Arabic PhraseBooks and PhraseApps for instant learning

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Published June 5th, 2011 - 01:13 GMT
The Phrasebook and App are perfect for anyone beginning to learn or has forgotten some of their Arabic
The Phrasebook and App are perfect for anyone beginning to learn or has forgotten some of their Arabic

Eton Institute, Dubai’s largest language training and professional development centre, has launched an extensive Arabic PhraseBook series extending in to an e-book compatible with the Kindle as well as an App compatible with the Apple devices, making learning Arabic easier and more convenient for tourists and expatriates in Arabic-speaking countries.

Spoken in more than 26 countries and by over 230 million people, Arabic is both widely used and diverse in the Arab world. Eton Institute’s Arabic Phrasebook, available as a handy pocket-sized book, an e-book, and as an App on iTunes, uses Modern Standard Arabic, the standard form of the language used across the Middle East and Northern Africa that is easily understood by speakers of various regional dialects of Arabic.

Moaz Khan, Marketing Manager at Eton Institute commented: “The Arabic Phrasebook and App is perfect for anyone beginning to learn or has forgotten some of their Arabic. With over 700 essential words and phrases in a handy, pocket-sized phrasebook and an interactive App which you can download to your Apple devices, this fun and effective application can get you speaking Arabic instantly!”

From ordering hummus in a restaurant to holding your own in a business meeting, Eton Institute’s Arabic Phrasebook & App is the essential language-learning tool for visitors, tourists, and expatriates consisting of a range of topics from everyday situations.

The revolutionary technology of the Arabic PhraseApp with an easy to use touch-screen will make learning the language more fun and interactive, as well as take the stress out of travelling to and working in an Arabic-speaking country.

Learning Arabic is the most important thing you can do to understand the Arab world and to interact in a positive way with the local community. The Arabic PhraseApp is part of Eton Institute’s Arabic Phrasebook Project, aiming to make learning the Arabic language affordable and easy. Other languages soon to be added to Eton Institute’s PhraseBook project include: Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

For more information about the Arabic PhraseBooks, e-books for Kindle, and PhraseApps for the Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone, visit or call 800-Eton (8003866). To receive the latest updates about Eton Institute’s Phrasebooks, PhraseApps, and other educational products, sign up for the newsletter or join Eton Institute on its Facebook or Twitter community pages.

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