How Is an NGO Emailing Lebanese People Directly Over Politics?

Published November 15th, 2021 - 08:48 GMT
protest in lebanon
A protest by Lebanese people in March 2021. (JOSEPH EID/AFP)

In preparation for March 2022 elections in Lebanon, several online users have reported receiving email messages from a civil political organization called Kulluna Irada (ِArabic We are full of determination), urging them to register to vote.

According to many social media users, the emails they received from Kulluna Irada have been addressed mostly to their work email addresses, ones many of them have not shared publicly, which is why they have been questioning whether or not such a practice qualifies as a privacy breach.

While many users speculated that officials in the Lebanese government may have been involved in disclosing emails that have been addressed in this political campaign, the official account of Kulluna Irada and individuals in the civil organization explained that they obtained the email addresses legally and from public sources.

Kulluna Irada expressed their understanding of people who do not wish to be contacted through the mailing list but did not specifically highlight their source.

On their website, Kulluna Irada introduces itself as "a civic organization for political reform. We believe we can set the foundations of a modern, secure, efficient, sustainable, and just state through strong and fair governance."

Kulluna Irada's online presence has lately been focused on encouraging as many Lebanese voters as possible to register for the country's next elections in March 2022, addressing voters both in Lebanon and worldwide.

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