Adel Imam says Gaddafi is a ‘nutcase’

Published March 5th, 2011 - 10:28 GMT
Adel Imam
Adel Imam

Prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam said that the fall of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi  will mean losing a great comedian, because he is simply a “nutcase,” according to the Egyptian daily Al-Akhbar.

During the interview Adel revealed that one of his lifelong dreams is to have Gadafi participate in one of his comedic plays or films.  Gadafi would attract a large numbers of viewers, said Adel.

Adel also said there were disputes between he and Gadafi over Adel’s play “Al Za’eem” (The Leader), because it touched on elements of Gadafi’s life and leadership. Adel said that the play was to open in Libya, but was banned by Gadafi.

Adel questioned how Gadafi could accuse protesters of being on drugs, when he is the one who appears to be taking narcotics.  

Adel expects Gadafi to be ousted soon, especially after most of his military forces and Libyan citizens have turned against him.

Libya belongs to the Libyan people, and not Gadafi, who is guilty of war crimes, he said.

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