Arab Idol's Carmen back to school

Published April 17th, 2012 - 08:25 GMT
Carmen needs to knuckle down and study
Carmen needs to knuckle down and study

Arab Idol's Carmen has to buckle down for school exams. The young but mature-voiced Egyptian singer Carmen Suleiman, still glowing and giddy from her Arab Idol win, now finds herself racing against time to achieve her next challenge - school work and exams.

A life more ordinary

After her heady days of success from the hit pan-Arab televised contest that saw her performing original musical feats to millions, she has to task herself back to her revision for high school exams. Unfortunately, though happily, much of her study hours have been squandered recording Arab Idol in Lebanon.

Carmen, however is confident she can cut the mustard. Digging deep again for that determination that won her the Arab Idol crown, she is not afraid of hard work: "I can find the balance between pursuing my career in singing while continuing my education. I am an excellent student, and no one would say different. I will lock myself at home and start a boot-camp until I’m done with my exams next June; and only then I will have time to rededicate to singing and working on my upcoming album, says the student Arab Idol title-holder.


Do you think Carmen Suleiman will handle the pressures that come with her fame?


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