Haifa Wahbi accused of stealing and blasphemy

Published May 30th, 2011 - 06:10 GMT
Haifa Wahbi
Haifa Wahbi

Egyptian author and writer of the television drama ‘Nousa’ Tareq Al Badawihas filed a complaint against Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi accusing her of threatening him for eliminating her from the drama.


Tareq said that he filed a complaint against Haifa claiming that she had sent him a message from her cellular phone cussing him out and telling him he will pay for his actions. Tareq stated that he did not know why Haifa would do such a demeaning thing and why she threatens him in such a manner.


The author said that he had met Haifa during the holy month of Ramadan last year and she had informed him that she dreams of being in a television drama. Upon her wishes, Tareq had agreed to write a new television drama for her and sent her his ideas, which she was very impressed with and informed him to being writing the script and send her the completed episodes. Haifa had told him that she will have one of the production companies she cooperates with produce the drama, a matter that never occurred.


Tareq proceeded and said that he and Haifa agreed to postpone the project to 2012 in order to find a suitable production company and to avoid failure of the drama due to the unstable conditions in the Arab world with the breakout of revolutions in different countries.


Recently, Tareq was shocked to learn that Haifa had signed a contract to star in a different drama series titled “Mawlid Wa Sahibuh Ghayeb” and the character Haifa will be playing is also named Nousa, which is the character in Tareq’s drama. The characteristics are exactly the same claimed Tareq, but before he takes further actions against the makers of the new drama he will request that the script for his drama and the second drama are compared. Tareq stressed that if it turns out that Haifa stole his ideas from the first drama he will take legal actions.




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