Nadia Al Jundi goes back to her natural habitat in a seductive role this Ramadan

Published May 27th, 2014 - 01:10 GMT

Guess who’s coming back to our TV screens in true sexy fashion? Why, it’s only the infamously seductive Nadia Al Jundi! This comes as a pleasant surprise for the Egyptian actress’ fans who haven’t seen her star in a new production for three years now.

The sultry actress will be making her comeback through the TV drama “Asrar” (Secrets), where she plays the role of a doctor who strives to uncover corruption. Throughout the show, she goes head to head with mafias who make money off ill people.

But what doesn’t come as a surprise is Nadia’s role as a seductive doctor; much like the roles she’s been known to pick and have shot her to fame at an early stage in her acting career, reported the online magazine Ana Zahra.

The drama’s producing company released a promotional video to pave the way for its release during the coming Ramadan season.

We last saw Nadia in “Malika Fil Manfi” (A Queen in Exile) in 2010, where she played the role of Queen Nazali.

“Secrets” stars Madeline Mattar, Ahmad Wafeeq and Feryal Yousif. The script was written by Ahmad Subhi, is being directed by Wael Fahmi Abdel Hameed and produced by Mohammad Mukhtar.

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