The Shireen and Asalah saga continues

Published January 13th, 2011 - 11:26 GMT
Shireen and Asalah
Shireen and Asalah

Egyptian singer Shireen Abd Al Wahab has taken the disputes between her and Syrian singer Asalah Nasri to a new level stating that it is a dispute between the Egyptian and Syrian people.


Shireen has stated that she considers remarks made by some Syrians that she is the ‘singer of hashish’ (Pot) is an insult to her and her career, in addition to a major insult to all Egyptians artists.


According to the internet website Al Youm Al Sabi’, Shireen stressed that she will not let the matter pass and will take action at the humiliating accusations made. She also stated that recently it was rumored that hackers hade hacked her website for the sake of Asalah, but she denied the news stressing that she does not have an official website to have it hacked.


Shireen said that all the chaos and rumors are being caused by fans of Asalah who consider Shireen to be one of the main reasons behind Asalah’s ban in Egypt by the Egyptian Musician Association.


Shireen said that she holds great respect for Syria and its people and does not hold pathetic statements made by a small group of individuals against the country, because in no way are they representative of Syrian public opinion of Shireen.






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