Sireen Abd Al Nour denies intimate scenes with Khaled Nabawi

Published July 11th, 2011 - 03:31 GMT
Sireen Abd Al Nour
Sireen Abd Al Nour

Lebanese actress Sireen Abd Al Nour denied recent circulating rumors that the Egyptian Censorship Committee has omitted two of her scenes in the film “Al Musafer” (The Traveler), one of which is a very intimate scene between her and Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawi.


Sireen wrote on her official page on the internet social network Facebook that she had read the rumor of a scene being omitted from the film due to its intimate sexual nature between her and Khaled and she confirms it is not true.


Sireen stressed that the movie does not contain any scenes of a sexual nature as many have alleged, adding that she knows her limits of being an Arab actress who abides by the traditional Arab values and ethics.


The film “The Traveler” stars Sireen, Khaled Nabawi, Shareef Ramzi and prominent Egyptian actor Omar Al Shareef. The film is directed and written by Ahmad Maher and is scheduled to be screened in the upcoming few days.

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