Express yourself! Nicole Saba and other Arab stars love them some body ink

Published May 18th, 2014 - 08:09 GMT

Arab celebrities have joined the unofficial competition to get the most unique tattoo. Western stars like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Kim Raider began the trend that has recently attracted the attention of Lebanon's beloved Nicole Saba and a slew of other stars.

According to, Nicole has become obsessed with tattoos and has a very noticeable drawing of an eagle on her arm. She is infatuated with eagles because they resemble her personality in the sense that they fly free, high in the sky, and she loves her freedom and has no boundaries to where her dreams will take her.

Never one to run from controversial trends, Haifa Wehbe likewise loves her some ink. She had an eye engraved on her shoulder in Paris to keep away envy, while a rose adorns her leg. She also revealed during her memorable interview with Adel Karam on "This is Talk" that she has an additional tattoo in a secret spot she can't show the public.

Pascal Mashaalani also has a tattoo on her arm of her name written in English. She had the tattoo done five years ago by a French artist.

Lebanese singer Maysam Nahhas has an octopus on the bottom of her leg and a colored butterfly on her wrist, which she claims resembles the femininity of a woman. She had the tattoos done 15 years ago.

Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo chose to have a cobra tattooed on her arm, and does she ever love to point to it and show her fierce side at times!

Moroccan singer Layla Ghufran straight up had a naked woman put on her arm by "Arjak", the same artist used by Shakira and other celebs.

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razik copied actress Angelina Jolie's tattoo with the word "determination" on her arm.

We wonder which starlet will be next to express herself through body ink. Any guesses?

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