‘Women are boring’ hashtag trends in Arabic on Twitter

Published March 1st, 2016 - 02:35 GMT
Some are supporting the statement, while others are protesting it. (Twitter)
Some are supporting the statement, while others are protesting it. (Twitter)

Earlier this year, a hashtag trended in Arabic asking for people to respect gay rights. The reaction was overwhelming disgusting, with some advocating for execution as a punishment for homosexuality. Fortunately there were also those who condemned the homophobia, and advocated tolerance and acceptance of the Arab LGBT+ community.

Another trending hashtag of 2016 was one asking for the loudspeakers of mosques to be halted, which obviously also prompted a negative reaction.

Now there is another trending hashtag which could be considered controversial, to say the least.

The hashtag #النساء_غثيثات (women are boring) is currently flooding twitter in Arabic, with many people rejecting the statement outright. However there are those who are trying to show that women are indeed boring, despite the backlash they are receiving.

Take a look below, via Twitter.

Some were totally against the hashtag.

He says that women are boring
I don't deny that, she wore her self out for 9 months
just to give birth to an idiot like you who says that women are boring!


This is what I want to do to whoever made this hashtag!


Your mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother are women, and you come and say that women are boring. You and your hashtag are boring!

Other supported the hashtag.


Some days I how girls act and get embarrassed that I'm a girl.


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