'Amr Diab is a red line' trends as fans defend singer against accusations he is past his best

Published January 23rd, 2017 - 08:46 GMT
Amr Diab and his record-breaking seven World Music Awards (Wikimedia Commons)
Amr Diab and his record-breaking seven World Music Awards (Wikimedia Commons)

“Drunken Sherine” and “Amr Diab is a red line” have been trending on Twitter as fans of award-winning singer Amr Diab attack fellow Egyptian artist Sherine Abdel Wahab.

Egyptians are angry after a video of an apparently drunken Sherine seeming to mock Diab was shared widely overnight. The musician seemed to suggest that 55-year-old Diab’s time is over, and that a new era for younger artists is beginning,

She reportedly made the comments while singing with Tamer Hosny at the wedding of Syrian actress Kinda Alloush and Egyptian actor Amr Youssef. In the clip, the latter can be seen quickly taking the microphone from her in an attempt to save face.

Lovers of Diab’s work were quick to object to the suggestion that he has “grown old”, coming out in his defense and launching an online assault against 36-year-old Sherine:

His time has gone?! U must be kidding. #DrunkenSherine #TheHighMountainIsARedLine #ِAmrDiabIsARedLine

Who even are you, anyway? Do you even know who you are talking about? You have really come across as a disrespectful person.

In this picture, you'd say he was 16 years old. Where were you at that time you shameful woman? Congratulations on the trend... congratulations on losing the people.

This is the guy whose time has passed? OK, so the person who said these words, what prizes has she won which entitle her to say these things?

Fans even attacked her in comments on her Facebook page:

Stardom isn't wine and a cigarette. Stardom is 30 years of success and intelligence. #FinishedWithAGlassAndACigarette #PresumptuousWords

Diab, who released his first album in 1983, was the first Arab artist to win seven World Music Awards, and is the Middle East’s bestselling musician.


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