The bizarre tweet that has people wondering if Assad is on his way out

Published September 10th, 2015 - 02:15 GMT
An Egyptian politician just tweeted about a possible new power shift in Syria. (AFP/File)
An Egyptian politician just tweeted about a possible new power shift in Syria. (AFP/File)

More than four years into his country's civil war, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has proved at least one thing — he won't be letting go of power without a fight. 

This one fact has divided regional and international players alike when discussing Syria's future.

Russia and Iran have increasingly played a military role alongside Syrian government troops in swaths across the country, and laid a heavy hand in the international political arena, too. Meanwhile, Syrian rebels have been resolute in their unwillingness to picture any future Syria involving Assad. Not long ago and much to the ire of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US would eventually have to negotiate with the embattled president. 

But a bizarre tweet this week is making people wonder whether that might be changing. 

On Wednesday, Egyptian politician Ayman Nour tweeted about a Syrian delegation that headed to Cairo last week, where he said members discussed a possible transition of power in which Assad would hand over leadership to someone in his close circle.
Nour is considered an important political figure in Egypt — he's a former parliamentarian and the co-founder and chairman of El Ghad party — thought to be privy to state discussions like this one.
It's important to note, no official statement has reflected such a change. Still, the message has plenty of social media users wondering what's going on, and what might come next.
Here's the tweet and its English translation. 


A Syrian delegation discussed in Cairo an initiative that will be announced by Al Assad to transfer the authority to one of his close circles, also regional visits will be arranged for Al Assad secured by Egypt.

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