EGYPTAIR denounces rumors surrounding crashed flight MS840

Published May 19th, 2016 - 12:58 GMT

EGYPTAIR is denying the conspiracies surrounding the crash of flight MS804 today off the coast of Greece. The airline has further called on media outlets to verify information regarding the crash, and asks that people follow the airline's press releases for the most up-to-date and accurate information as they try to determine the crash’s causes.

As was the case with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, several conspiracies have emerged surrounding the Cairo-bound flight, which took off from Paris early this morning. On Twitter, the Arabic language hashtag ‘Egyptian plane disappearance’ is currently trending on Twitter. Some are claiming the crash was a terrorist attack on the social media site. The English language hashtag “EgyptAir” is trending on Twitter too, with some speculating it was a terrorist attack here also.

An unconfirmed video appearing to show a “ball of fire” in the sky off the Greek coast is trending on social media as well.

Egypt and its airline are not determining anything until they have more information, however. On Twitter, @EGYPTAIR tweeted “EGYPTAIR denies all misleading information by news websites and social media channels regarding the reasons of the disappearance of EGYPTAIR flight MS804” in a series of tweets. They went on to ask the media to “be assured of the information they post,” and refer to the airline’s official press releases.

Earlier today, Egyptian officials said they have yet to determine the causes of the crash, and are not ruling anything out.

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