Explosive 'love' notes: Five times messages were written on bombs this year

Published December 15th, 2015 - 01:58 GMT
A tradition which goes back generations has been quite popular this year. (Twitter)
A tradition which goes back generations has been quite popular this year. (Twitter)

This week, photos emerged purporting to show decorated missiles ready to be dropped on Yemen. But it's far from the first time someone's brought pens to the fire show.

Decorating explosives is a tradition that became famous during the second World War, when messages such as “Merry Xmas Adolf” were written onto bombs being dropped on Nazi Germany. Later in history, messages like “Dear Saddam and Osama, Special Delivery, Rest in Hell” were written on bombs dropped during the Iraq war.

Many find the practice sickening, especially since a large number of bombs kill civilians. But others see scribbling notes to the enemy on an object destined to kill them as a fantastic way of getting revenge.

This year has seen a number of occasions when so-called “love notes” were written on bombs.

Here are five examples, via Twitter.

Jordanian pilots tell Daesh that they are the enemies of Islam

In January of this year, Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh was burned to death by Deash. Shortly afterwards, photographs emerged of Jordanian pilots writing notes to Daesh on bombs set to strike the extremist group.

The messages included “Islam has nothing to do with ISIS" and "For you, the enemies of Islam." Some also described the fallen pilot as a martyr.


Saudi Arabia writes the names of "martyrs" on Hellfire missiles

Back in August, a photo posted on social media purported to show Saudi Hellfire missiles decorated with some of the names of their fallen. The post claimed that the missiles would be launched at the Houthis. It reads:

"The names of our Martyrs on Hellfire rockets to be launched on the Houthis."


Russian pilots drop bombs “For Paris”

Emblazoned on the side of Russian bombs aimed at Daesh after the Paris attacks last month were the words “For Paris” and “For Our People.” The Russian defence ministry said on its official Twitter page:

“For our people! For Paris! Pilots and technicians of #Hmeymim airbase sent a message to terrorists by airmail.”


The US is no stranger to “love notes” on bombs

In the wake of the Paris attacks, US pilots wrote “From Paris, With Love” as a taunting message to Daesh on Hellfire missiles and JDAM bombs.


The United Arab Emirates is getting revenge for those killed in Yemen

A photo surfaced on social media this week which appears to show a UAE PGM-500 guided bomb bearing the names of fallen Special Operations Forces commanders from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They were said to have been killed in Yemen by Houthi forces.


By Kane Hippisley-Gatherum

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