France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests: Five Videos You Probably Won't See on Mainstream Media

Published January 24th, 2019 - 02:02 GMT

As France’s anti-government protests are expected to continue now for the 10th week in a row, tensions have been rising among the “Yellow Vest” protesters and the government’s security forces.

Activists on social media have been accusing the mainstream media of bias and lack of objective coverage of the protests.

It is getting more violent and more clashes are erupting between protesters and the police, but none of the mainstream media outlets were seen covering it or showing the violent footage.

This led protesters last week to gather near the central offices of television networks in France accusing the mainstream media of pro-Macron bias.

On Twitter, many users went to share shocking videos from last Saturday’s violent protests to show the real events taking place on ground rather than the one covered by western media.

Here, we collected five videos shared on Twitter and you probably won’t see them on the mainstream media.

1- A video shows firefighters in the French capital gathering to join Yellow Vest protesters against the current president Emmanuel Macron.

2- Another video shows a French protester describing Macron as a “liar and thief” was widely circulating social media during the past week.

3- Video from Avignon city showed violence in the city streets, when protesters were setting the door of a public building on fire.

4- One video was shared on Twitter shows French people withdrawing their money from the big banks. However, the video’s place and time was not confirmed.

5- The Yellow Vest protests were marching across the streets of Bordeaux and videos documenting moments when protesters clashed with police were shared on Twitter.

The Yellow Vest protests were sparked in November 2018 when Macron’s government launched a planned fuel tax rise. Shortly after, the decision was reversed, yet protesters’ demands quickly spiraled into broader movement until it reached several major cities around the country.

Since then, France has been involved in its most serious street clashed since 1968.

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