Is the BBC Suppressing ‘Yellow Vests’ Media Coverage?

Published August 5th, 2019 - 10:01 GMT

The “Yellow Vests” or 'Gilets Jaunes' protesters in France are still taking to streets of Paris for the 38th consecutive week since it first began in November 2018 amid poor coverage in the mainstream media.


Reports confirmed there were thousands of protesters in the streets of Paris and other parts of the country protesting against taxes on fuel and income inequality.

With protests getting more violent and more clashes are erupting between protesters and the police, the absence of proper media coverage of the protests has led many to question the mainstream media’s failure to report the protests objectively.

Several videos were shared on the different social media platforms as a clear contrast can often be spotted between the intensity of footage on the internet, and the more cursory and at times superficial coverage seen across European and US media.

Alongside many other British media outlets, the London-based BBC’s lack of reporting on the story was a conversation among activists on the internet.

Heated debates ensued on Twitter and other social media platforms over the reasons behind the BBC’s approach to the protests.

Some have suggested how the BBC did not want the audience to see how some countries within the European Union are not happy accusing it of anti-Brexit bias, while others claimed the media organization has been silenced by authorities due to “national security reasons”.

Others posted screenshots from the BBC’s news website showing their latest story on the Yellow Vests protests was written a month ago.

In the meantime, the BBC’s has devoted significant coverage of the protests in Hong Kong and lately in Russia.

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