Here’s the video announcement Daesh made about preserving Palmyra’s artifacts

Published May 28th, 2015 - 07:56 GMT

Daesh's announcement Wednesday that said the group would leave Palmyra's antiquities alone surprised everyone. If you have a hard time believing it, the militants took footage of the sites — the Temple of Bel and Roman theater — as proof that they remain untouched. 

But not everything is safe. One thing Daesh (ISIS) does plan on destroying? "Idols," the group said.

While the larger structures — columns, temples — don't seem to offend the murderers, they will get rid of the statues of people that Daesh says "infidels" worshipped. The extremists told residents of their plans, an activist group said in the Guardian.

In anti-government Syrian radio station Alwan, an interview with purportedly Abu Laith al-Saoudy seems to express the same sentiments: "Concerning the historical city, we will preserve it and it will not undergo damages, insha'allah. What we will do is pulverize statues that the miscreants pray to."

These are the structures safe from harm. For now, at least. 


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