Iraqis decry use of fake bomb detectors on Twitter after Karada bombing

Published July 3rd, 2016 - 01:56 GMT
The aftermath of Sunday's deadly bombings in Karada, Baghdad (Twitter/@mohusain_313)
The aftermath of Sunday's deadly bombings in Karada, Baghdad (Twitter/@mohusain_313)

Daesh (ISIS) militants struck terror into Iraqis in the capital Baghdad yet again early Sunday,
bombing the Karada shopping area while people were celebrating Ramadan-the Islamic holy month. At least 131 people have died thus far.

Showing the grievances Baghdadis and Iraqis have with their security situation, the satirical hashtag “#detect_soap” began trending on Twitter following the deadly blasts. The hashtag refers to many Iraqis’ belief that fake bomb detectors are widely in use in the country, and detect materials such as soap, but not actual bombs.

Iraqi Twitter pulled no punches in decrying the apparent presence of fake bomb detectors in the country. And users tweeted their discontent in Arabic and English.


#detect_soap: ready to find bombs that don’t work.

Others tweeted pictures of bomb detectors with Iraq painted on them in red to symbolize blood, or with Daesh’s flag on them.

Perhaps the deepest tweet came from Iraqi artist Ahmed Falah.

Damn your parties. Damn your corruption. Equipped to detect your corruption. Equipped to kill the people. Karada bombing.

Today’s Karada bombing is the latest setback for Iraq in its fight against Daesh. The Iraqi army and allied Popular Mobilization Units took Fallujah from Daesh in June.


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