Istanbul attacks: The world reacts

Published June 29th, 2016 - 02:47 GMT
#PrayforIstanbul is trending on twitter. (Twitter)
#PrayforIstanbul is trending on twitter. (Twitter)

Three suicide attacks at Istanbul’s Anaturk airport late Tuesday evening have left 41 dead and hundreds injured. As the world reels in the aftermath of the tragedy, social media has been ablaze with a wave of debate and commentary on the attacks from across the world.  

Many users condemned the attacks and expressed their solidarity and support of Turkey, with #PrayforIstanbul trending on Twitter. 


With experts claiming the attack has all the hallmarks of Daesh (also known as the Islamic State), Islam is yet again at the center of debate across the Twittersphere. 

Many have shut down the common assumption that Daesh is representative of Islam, drawing on the notable fact that Turkey has a 98% Muslim population.

The Prophet's uncle was a polytheist, and he didn't kill him. The Prophet's neighbor was Jewish, and he didn't kill him. AND YOUR PARENTS ARE MUSLIMS AND YOU KILL MUSLIMS. May God put a curse on them.

However, the attack also brought out the diehard Islamophobes, alongside some general ignorance. In a hark back to Donald Trump, some suggested Turkey should ban Muslims from entering its borders – an interesting suggestion for a Muslim majority country.  


Others voiced criticism over the world’s apparent bias towards white and European victims of violence, alongside an indifference to attacks in the Middle East.


They're not going to light up buildings in Dubai for Turkey like they did for France. That's because the afflicted country is Muslim and those who were killed were Muslim. 

Amid the tragedy of the attacks, acts of human kindess and compassion were ever present. One Turkish student, living near Ataturk airport, took to twitter to offer his home to those trapped at the airport and in need of accommodation. 


 I am a student at the airport. If you are trapped at the airport/have no place to stay, DM me. My house is close to airport, guests can stay for free. 




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