Jordan social media star is detained after hospital snapchat

Published September 26th, 2016 - 03:41 GMT
Karazon is most famous for being the sister of popular singer Diana (File)
Karazon is most famous for being the sister of popular singer Diana (File)

A Jordanian social media star has been detained for publishing “offensive” material, causing outrage online and off in the Kingdom.

Zain Karazon was arrested late on Thursday night, reported The Jordan Times, as she arrived from a flight to Queen Alia Airport in Amman. The social media star will be held for a week on charges of slander, the report said.

According to Karazon’s sister – who happens to be popular singer Diana Karazon – the scandal in question was a Snapchat story that the social media star posted about conditions in a hospital.

According to fact-checking website Saheh Khabarak, Korazon had been contacted last month by a fan who complained her sister was being badly treated. The social media star then published a Snapchat story interviewing the girl about her complaints.

The patient in question later died.

Roya, however, reported that the arrest had been prompted by Karazon’s meeting with another social media star who had visited Jordan. 

Among Karazon’s fans, the response to the arrest was outrage. Many said that her detention was a infringement of freedoms of speech, and circulated photos of the star with the caption “We are all Zain Karazon.”

Others compared the arrest of Zain to Jordanian MP Yahya Soud, who had a party where his cousin got shot by celebratory gunfire, and seems to have gotten away it.

But not everyone is a fan of the social media star: some Twitter users commented with mockery towards Karazon.

If you guys talked about religion as much as you talk about Zain Karazon You’re beating a dead horse! I hope she stays another month to rot in jail.”

The fiasco comes at a troubled time for freedom of speech in Jordan. Yesterday, columnist Nahed Hatar was shot dead outside a courtroom after being arrested for publishing a supposedly blasphemous cartoon.

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