Lebanese Shia parties fight over posters in south Lebanon

Published August 16th, 2016 - 09:07 GMT
An Amal poster in Baalbek, Lebanon, where Hezbollah originates (Al Bawaba/Adam Lucente)
An Amal poster in Baalbek, Lebanon, where Hezbollah originates (Al Bawaba/Adam Lucente)

Throughout south Lebanon, Beirut and elsewhere in the country, you’ll find neighborhoods and cities with Hezbollah posters dotting the streets. Although lesser known to international media, you’ll also find posters of the Amal movement. This largely Shia political movement is currently in an alliance with Hezbollah in the Lebanese parliament. Hezbollah, of course, is known for its “resistance” conflict with neighboring Israel, as well as fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria.

Tensions exist, but the supporters of the party live side-by-side without incidents as supporters of other parties do. However, Monday, in Sarafand, south Lebanon the army had to be deployed after gunfire broke out between supporters of Hezbollah and Amal. The reason? They were fighting over posters.

Who started it remains unclear. Lebanese news site NOW. says that some residents claim the conflict began when Amal supporters began tearing down Hezbollah posters, but others allegedly said Hezbollah supporters first started tearing down Amal posters.

Some residents said the dispute began with verbal disagreements before gunfire erupted, and that the conflict had been going on for a few days, NOW. reports.

The Lebanese army deployed to the town Monday to quell the violence.

Some on Twitter made fun of the seemingly on again, off again between Hezbollah and Amal.

Amal is the largest Shia political party in Lebanon with 13 seats in parliament. Hezbollah has 12, and both are important members of the March 8 Alliance.


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