Making Fascism Cool Again? Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Attempts to Troll in PR Blunder

Published March 19th, 2019 - 12:03 GMT

A confusing campaign advertisement was shared by Israel’s right-wing party, Hayamin Hehadash or the New Right, featuring Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked spraying herself with a perfume labeled “Fascism." The point? The minister appears to be implying that the leftist refrain of 'fascist' is an veiled attack on democratic freedoms.

The 44-seconds video features the party’s co-chair, Shaked, as the model promoting a perfume called “Fascism by Ayelet Shaked” and a whispering voice in the background narrating her goal’s in Hebrew saying: “Judicial reform,” “Separation of powers” and “Restraining the Supreme Court”.

At the end of the satiric advertisement, Shaked goes to spray herself with the “Fascism” perfume saying: "[Fascism] smells like a democracy to me".

The video that was intended to be satirical, has in fact succeeded in drawing attention to the New Right party who is struggling in the elections polls.

However, the advertisement that aimed at mocking the left-wing worries and faux accusations of ‘Fascism’ against the right has utterly failed to draw support to the party and rather drew confusion among viewers who could not get the satire in it.

One Twitter user said that thousands of the viewers overseas did not understand the irony in it and everything they saw is a picture of the party’s co-chair with the word Fascism.

Meanwhile, the controversy was sparked as soon the advertisement was shared by Shaked on her Twitter.

The advertisement that was intended in the first place to poke fun at fascism accusations of the left-wing against the right has had an opposite effect on Shaked and her party.

Some opinions have also described the advertisement as an echoing of the 2017 Saturday Night Live’s sketch of Ivanka Trump when she mocked a commercial for the scent “Complicity”.


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