A Muslim former US marine shut down Trump's Muslim ID card suggestions with one amazing tweet

Published November 22nd, 2015 - 09:50 GMT
Tayyib Rashid proudly showed Trump his military ID, and asked: "Where's yours?"  (AFP/File)
Tayyib Rashid proudly showed Trump his military ID, and asked: "Where's yours?" (AFP/File)

Donald Trump is not afraid to say what he thinks, a trait that's won him a lot of support but also brought him considerable controversy. His recent comments in an interview with Yahoo Politics suggested that he would not rule out having a database of US Muslims and making them carry a form of identification which notes their religion.

At a time when many Americans are fearful of incoming Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris attacks last week, it's unsurprising it's made such storm—the comments have provoked outrage and drawn comparisons to the Star of David badges Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany.

However, one US Muslim hit back in the best way possible in a tweet which has since gone viral. Former US marine Tayyib Rashid posted a photo of his Military ID card and asked Trump: “Where’s yours?”



This is particularly awkward for Trump, who according to the Daily Mail never served in the military after deferring his Vietnam draft four times. He was able to do so because he was a student, and after completing college he was declared medically unfit to serve unless there was a national emergency.

Tayyib Rashid has been lauded on social media for his comeback, with many thanking him for his service. It even kick-started the hashtag #MuslimID, with US Muslims taking to Twitter and posting pictures of their various ID cards, mocking Trump for his suggestion.

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