NYC mayor says explosion “intentional” but not terrorism, alt-right already blames Islam

Published September 18th, 2016 - 09:35 GMT
The aftermath of Saturday's explosion in New York City (AFP/File)
The aftermath of Saturday's explosion in New York City (AFP/File)

CNN reported that an explosion hit New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood Saturday night, leaving dozens injured but no dead. There are no known leads as to who carried out the explosion and why, but controversy has already begun on Twitter. Mayor Bill De Blasio’s comments that the attack was “intentional” but showed no signs of “terrorism” have been criticized, and many on the alt-right are already linking the attack to Muslims.

According to CNN, De Blasio said the attack “was an intentional act.” On the other hand, he said “there’s no evidence at thsi point of a terror connection.” Sensing a contradiction, many tweeters hammered him for these comments.

In De Blasio’s defense, logically speaking, perhaps it’s possible a bomb could be intentional but not intended to kill civilians if it aimed to destroy property. The bomb was placed in or near a dumpster.

As of now, there are no known perpetrators or assailants behind the attack. However, many popular figures among the alt-right–a right-wing movement supportive of Donald Trump’s candidacy–are already blaming Muslims for the attack.

The attack occurred in the Chelsea neighborhood of lower Manhattan in New York City. Two devices were found near a dumpster at the site of the explosion, and 29 are known to have been injured.



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