'Press Freedom' or 'Enemy of the People'? This is America

Published August 16th, 2018 - 02:00 GMT
Trump tweeted earlier in February 2018.
Trump tweeted earlier in February 2018.

With Trump’s rising rhetoric against journalists and media, over 350 newspapers and media outlets in the US have published together to promote 'Press Freedom" - but the U.S. President has simply doubled down.


Earlier this year, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter accusing the media of sharing ‘FAKE NEWS’ and being “the enemy of the American people”. 

In response, the Massachusetts-based Boston Globe launched a campaign to take a stand. It contacted newspaper editorial boards to coordinate a response defending press freedom.

On Thursday morning, more than 350 newspapers shared their own editorial that carried the same message:

With many different titles, the campaign was joined by different small and big newspapers in the US, including Minnesota's Swift County Monitor News, with their editorial titled: "Attacks On Journalists Will Lead To Violence."  The Valencia County News-Bulletin wrote also: "We are not the enemy; We are the people."

As a supportive step, the Guardian had also its view on the topic and wrote an editorial titled: “The Guardian view on the press and Trump: speaking truth to power”.

On social media, the campaign gathered momentum in the US and Europe. Between supporters and critics, several hashtags emerged on the topic including #PressFreedom #FreePress and #NotTheEnemy.

Yet, users on social media went to debate over the effectiveness of such a campaign.

Despite the fact that the campaign came in a time while US media is facing crisis, there were also people arguing that such a campaign in which newspapers gather and express one idea is far from the claimed freedom of speech.

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