'58-0': For Laura Loomer the Killing in Palestine is a Football Score

Published May 17th, 2018 - 07:46 GMT
Palestinians burn tyres near the Strip border on May 14, 2018. (AFP/File Photo)
Palestinians burn tyres near the Strip border on May 14, 2018. (AFP/File Photo)

By Randa Darwish

With more than 60 unarmed Palestinians killed and thousands injured by Israeli soldiers in less than 24 hours, Monday, while peacefully protesting the U.S. Embassy relocation to Jerusalem, there are people still defending Israel’s use of force against civilians in Palestine.

Laura Loomer, an American far-right political activist who is known for pro-Israeli and anti-Muslims opinions, has been put in a difficult spot in the last few days after deleting a tweet she posted praising the massacre of Palestinians.

Laura tweeted: "58-0", referring to the number of Palestinians who had been killed by that time compared to the number of casualties in the Israeli side which is zero, as though it was a football match which Israelis won by scoring a higher number.

The tweet was taken as a screenshot by Twitter users before Laura deleted it as a result of the reactions made to her tweeting.

This was not the only tweet for Laura defending Israel’s killing of 10s of Palestinians. On the same day, Laura posted another tweet accusing Hamas of being responsible for killing Palestinians, who were shot dead by Israeli army.

The tweet said: “Hamas is paying $1000 to every Palestinian who tries to breach the #Gaza border with #Israel and murder Israelis. The media wants you to think the #GreatReturnMarch is a human rights protest and those people are innocent, but it is literally state sponsored terrorism.”

Meanwhile, killing of innocent people in Palestine is still gathering supporters, including from American conservative politicians and activists who are defending Israel’s right to protect itself and kill Palestinians:


On the other hand, several public figures and famous actors from around the world expressed their support to civilian Palestinians who had been killed by live ammunition while protesting the U.S. Embassy relocation and remembering the Nakba Day “Catastrophie Day” of the 1948 war.

The Palestinian-American supermodel, Gigi Hadid, had posted on her Twitter:

Bernie Sanders, the US Senator, has also tweeted a video about the horrific violence in Gaza:

The Lebanese actress Manal Issa held a sign that read "Stop the Attack on Gaza" at the Cannes film festival to bring the world’s attention to Gaza.



It is a fact that Israel is facing an international outcry over killing Palestinians in one of the deadliest days of protests in Gaza, starting from the moment when South Africa summoned the Israeli ambassador protesting latest updates in Gaza.

Several countries followed their footsteps, including Ireland, Belgium, and Turkey which started one of the worst political tensions with Israel in years after expelling the Israeli ambassador, before Israel responded by expelling the Turkish ambassador to Israel.

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