Saddam Hussein’s family on Facebook denies rumors his wife is dead

Published August 13th, 2015 - 08:15 GMT
Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had five children with his first wife, Sajida Khairallah Talfah. (Twitter)
Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had five children with his first wife, Sajida Khairallah Talfah. (Twitter)

A rumor spread on Arabic social media like wildfire Wednesday, and it got a quick response straight from the source — the family of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein

Journalists on Thursday "broke news" of the death of Saddam Hussein's widowed first wife, Sajida Khairallah Talfah. But Hussein's family immediately denied the claims, likely proving it baseless. 

The official Facebook page of Saddam Hussein al-Majidi criticized the "liars" on Facebook with two statuses, one posted Wednesday and another posted the following day. 


#هام :أكدت لنا عائلة الشهيد #صدام_حسين أن الماجدة الأولى السيدة ساجدة خيرالله بخير . و لا صحة اطلاقا لخبر وفاتها .نسأل الله أن يمدها بالصحة و العافية و يديم عليها العز . *إدارة الصفحة *

Posted by ‎صدام حسين المجيد Saddam Hussien AL-Majeed‎ on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Important: Saddam Hussein's family has confirmed that Mrs Sajida Khairallah is doing well and there's no truth whatsoever to the news of her death. 

The initial post was shortly followed by a second lengthier one. 


رسالة من الماجدة #رغد_صدام_حسين :بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمايها الاحبة في كل مكان.. الوالدة تتمع بصحة جيدة ، والجميع ب...

Posted by ‎صدام حسين المجيد Saddam Hussien AL-Majeed‎ on Thursday, August 13, 2015


A message from Raghad Saddam Hussein: In the name of God, my dearly beloved everywhere, my mother and everyone are in good health and may God give you patience for whatever hardships you're going through and may he bless the souls of those martyrs who died in explosions in Iraq and around the world. 
Don't listen to everything you hear/read, they (the ones who spread the rumors) have become active with posting lies starting with me and finishing with my mother.
May God protect you from all harm and may we have great victory in the near future, God willing.
Media reported Talfah, with whom Hussein had five children, died in a Jordanian hospital. Talfah's whereabouts had been unknown, but rumor has it she had fled to Qatar with one of her daughters while her other two daughters left for Jordan. 
Arabic news Assawsana referenced a tweet by a user who went by the handle @alsaeedfajer, who is a self-described "drama script writer" in Kuwait. 
Translation: "Death of Sajida Khairallah," the widow of Saddam Hussein in a hospital in Jordan "at the age of 71"

Outlets should have maybe been more suspicious, considering most websites claim Talfah's 78 years old.

By Hayat Norimine

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