See a Syrian migrant's journey from war-torn Ghouta to Europe, moment by moment

Published June 15th, 2015 - 11:02 GMT
A Syrian migrant documented his trip from Ghouta to Germany for Reddit's AMA. (AFP/File)
A Syrian migrant documented his trip from Ghouta to Germany for Reddit's AMA. (AFP/File)

This week on Reddit's Ask Me Anything (AMA) section, a simple heading brought the Syrian conflict to forefront of the interweb: "I (29, M) escaped from Ghouta to Germany on a dangerous journey. AMA."

A refresher: Ghouta’s the Damascus suburbs area that was the 2013 site of an alleged chemical attack by the Assad regime. But less publicized is the fact that it’s also been completely besieged for at least a year, meaning the prospect of escaping without passing dangerous checkpoints is nearly impossible.

"Ghouta2germany" says he's from the town of Jobar, the "gateway to Ghouta," where he has so far lost a sister and mother to the conflict.

For $3000 USD, he says he escaped to Lebanon in July 2014, flew to Algeria, and ended up on a boat taking off from the Libyan coastline with eyes set on Italy. Now he's apparently made it to Germany, the final step in his migrant journey.

You can check out the full thread here.

By now you know that thousands of migrants have died trying to do the same journey. Still, this one made it, and he posted the photo evidence, moment by moment, to prove it.

Check out the images via Imgur below.


The journey starts with a photo of the Beirut airport, with ghouta2germany ready to board.


Next, we see him in a space he claims to be a hiding area inside Algeria.


Next, we see photos apparently from the desert journey by truck through Algeria and Libya.



Then this, apparently in Libya.


Aboard the Libyan vessel.



And finally, after being picked up by a NATO warship. The user says he and other migrants stayed on this vessel for several days as it finished a tour. 



And in Germany. View the rest of the photos here.




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