Shocking Video of Iraqi Teenager Brutally Killed Because He 'Looks Gay' Goes Viral

Published October 10th, 2018 - 01:28 GMT
One of Mohammed al-Motteri Instagtam images (Right) and in the middle, a screenshot taken from the video of his killing. (Socialmedia)
One of Mohammed al-Motteri Instagtam images (Right) and in the middle, a screenshot taken from the video of his killing. (Socialmedia)

A series of killings and assassinations in Iraq seem to be unstoppable, however, the latest is a heinous and horrifying murder of a 14-year-old teenager who has a “feminine” look.

Mohammed al-Motteri, a 14-year-old Iraqi teenager who was brutally killed in the street with the awful crime videotaped and documented on social media by his murderers.

The video shows the victim lying on the ground, unable to move as he bleeds to death.

The killer can be heard in the video asking the boy “What is your name? Where is your house?” with Mohammed crying and urging him to go to hospital and get his mother. The victim aks whats is coming out of his body, as the attacker replies: “It’s your guts”.

Translation: “A child who was born in 2003 was killed and his murder and torture filmed  by removing his gut because he is gay! How can they condemn homosexuality and not condemn killing and torturing? You are ISIS!”.

Videos of the crime was shared on social media shortly before a wave of anger and condemnation exploded among Iraqis. It received massive reactions on social media among Iraqis and Arabs on hashtag حمودي المطيري [Hammodi al-Motteri].

While some thought Mohammed’s murder was part of the series of killings carried out in Iraq targeting public figures and influential women in the last few weeks, this is the most heinous crime committed in Iraq lately, due to the victim’s young age to the fact that he was killed because of his “look”.

Translation: “The lack of humanity was represented in this crime.”

Many social media users urged the LGBT+ community around the world to step up for Mohammed and raise awareness regarding his killing.

Mohammed is the latest victim of a series of killings in Iraq. Last week, Tara Fares, an Iraqi model and social media influencer was shot dead by unknown attackers in Baghdad. Few days after there was the killing of Suad al-Ali, an Iraqi human rights activist who was shot and killed in her car in the southern city of Basra.

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