They Are Beating Her! ‘We are all Mary’ Exposes Treatment of Palestinian Women in Jerusalem

Published January 29th, 2019 - 10:22 GMT
'Mother Palestine' (Mrs. Zarefa, Marka/Shnillar Jordan, 2009) by Carlos Latuff (Twitter)
'Mother Palestine' (Mrs. Zarefa, Marka/Shnillar Jordan, 2009) by Carlos Latuff (Twitter)

The hashtag ‘#WeareallMary’ highlights the physical and psychological abuse of palestinian women in Jerusalem. The campaign is dedicated to the ‘suffering of women in al-quds,’ the arabic slang for Jerusalem.

The activist hashtag features video of Palestinian women appearing to be hit by Israeli guards. 

The ‘violence’ described is more than physical. According to many of the tweets shared, Palestinian women are attacked through their families and through policies designed to impoverish their lives.

Describing a profound power differential between Palestinians living in Jerusalem and Israeli settlers, the ‘We Are All Mary’ hashtag also points to instances of religious discrimination.


The campaign riffs of previous cartoons and meme’s, such as ‘#motherpalestine,' demonstrating the silent trials of women as they bear the burden of their families, and the constant oppression of a life under Israeli occupation.


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