Twitter Asks: 'Could Prince Ahmad bin Abdel Aziz Become the Next Saudi Crown Prince'?

Published October 31st, 2018 - 12:06 GMT
Prince Ahmad bin Abdel Aziz [middle] after arriving to Riyadh on Tuesday evening and MBS [left] walking behind him. (Socialmedia)
Prince Ahmad bin Abdel Aziz [middle] after arriving to Riyadh on Tuesday evening and MBS [left] walking behind him. (Socialmedia)

Uncofirmed rumors are swirling around the Saudi ruling family after the surprise return of a senior member of House of Saud who was reportedly fearing a return to the Kingdom under Mohammed bin Salmans rule.

Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the last surviving “full” brother of King Salman has been living in London for the past six years in retirement. However, he had made public comments during the past month criticising his nephew the Crown Prince.

Since then, media reports allegedly confirmed he has been fearing the return to Riyadh in what might place him under house arrest, in a similar treatment to several other royals.

On Tuesday, Saudi officials had posted social media posts welcoming the prince for his return. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was at the airport welcoming him.

Translation: “Your return brightened our home, Sir.”

Translation: “My father Prince Ahmed bin Abdel Aziz had arrived. Welcome back to Riyadh.”

While the Saudi media did not cover the prince’s return, social media users began to circulate rumors over the real reason behind the return, raising doubts that it might mean replacing MBS who is facing mounting global anger over Khashoggi’s story.

One Saudi account with more than 90K followers, tweeted a thread on Wednesday morning for what he called “leaked confirmed information” from the royal court.

Translation: “100% confirmed news. Following the return of Prince Ahmed bin Abdel Aziz to Saudi Arabia, he met with King Salman before going to his brother’s place, Talal bin Abdel Aziz and then to his brother Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, who is the second deputy prime minister. Also, King Salman ordered encircling Prince Ahmad’s palace.”

The current backlash being faced by the Saudi royal family amid Khashoggi’s mysterious murder in Istanbul had helped raise doubts over the current pressure being mounted on MBS to resign or to be replaced by the returning prince.

Translation: “Prince Ahmad bin Abdel Aziz arrived in Riyadh to be appointed the Crown Prince replacing MBS who is facing accusations of killing Khashoggi. MBS shows in the picture walking behind Prince Ahmad.”

Several media reports have been emerging lately on House of Saud’s need to replace MBS to save their reputation and monarchy. On top of that, accusations against MBS and his involvement in Khashoggi’s brutal murder in Istanbul could play a role in excluding him from the throne.

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